Friday, June 18, 2010

Today I am...6 weeks pregnant.

Yippee! We’re pregnant. How exciting. It certainly doesn’t seem real but apparently I’m on week 6. First of all, pregnancy is apparently 40 weeks which, according to my math (and I got an A in math class), is 10 months. Hmmm…that’s odd. I could have sworn that everything I heard was 9 months. Jokes about nine months, movies about nine months, books about nine months. Oh well. Fine, so be it. 40 weeks. Of course, you don’t know those first four or five weeks so I suppose it all even’s out.

So here I am, 6 weeks. I know the next 34 weeks will fly by so I am determined to enjoy every one. It doesn’t seem real yet, though I am certainly feeling some symptoms. Some definite cramping as well as the sorest breasts imaginable. Who knew that that was one of the first symptoms of pregnancy? Well, maybe some, better prepared women did. But I was not ready for this pain. And I mean pain. Taking a shower, changing shirts, anything and everything makes them hurt. They say the pain will subside and I pray it does because nine months of this would be hell.

And now, moving on to the stats. I'll try to do this every week and I've even made sure to include "John's Point of View" at the end which is by far the most illuminating...

How far along: 6 weeks

Baby Development: The little thing (apparently not technically a fetus) is 4 millimeters long which is just mind-blowing. Even so, he has a heartbeart. He’s about the size of a lentil bean.

Baby Movement: Don't you read the baby emails? I won't feel anything for a long time.

Water Intake: Sooo…they say water is super important during pregnancy....I do not like drinking water. We’ll see what happens.

Best Moment of the Week: Just giddily talking to John about how we can’t believe this is happening. So so crazy.

Current baby/pregnancy worry: Wasn’t too worried until I started reading the internet. My god, do you know how many things could go wrong? It’s a miracle that anyone’s baby is healthy.

Symptoms: Cramping, like super bad menstrual cramps. And of course sore breasts. But take that word sore and multiply it times 100 and then square it. That might be how sore they are.

Sleep Quality: Doesn’t seem to be affected at all.

Food Cravings: Hmmm…not much yet. Same ol’ me who likes to eat pretty much all the time.

What I miss: My cups of coffee in the morning. That is a ritual I will miss dearly.

What I’m Looking Forward to: Meeting my new OB doctor and starting this whole crazy thing.

Trying to get done before baby: Are you kidding? I’ve got all the time in the world.

John's POV: "I am doing a lot of glowing. That's my side effect. As someone who doesn't typically 'glow', it's a weird feeling."

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