Friday, February 19, 2016

Jack is 5 years old today!

My baby is 5 years old!  The old cliche is true...they grow up so fast.  Time has flown by...and yet of course it seems like Jack has been in our lives forever.  

I'll write more about our first born later but thought I'd post these pics.

Jack never disappoints with an expressive and giggly photo shoot.  

I just wish he was this happy all the time.  ;-)

Our happy silly 5 year old.  Happy birthday Jack!!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Sam is 2 1/4 years old today!

Little Sammy is 2 1/4 years old!  Except I can't call him "little" anymore because he's huge!  He really looks a lot older than he is.  

Sammy remains a lovely, happy, mild-mannered boy.  Sometimes he tries to copy Jack's angsty moods and yelling but it's just not the same.  He doesn't have it in him.  :)

He's started at preschool for just a couple of mornings a week and, after a brief adjustment period, he seems to really like it.  He loves other people, other kids, and playing with all the toys and outdoor equipment.  And, in a huge 180 from my experience with Jack, every time I pick him up from school, Sam immediately, unprompted, starts telling me all about his day, what he played with, who played with him.  It's adorable. 

So happy 2 1/4 birthday Sammy!  We love you!