Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A perfect time for a cold...

Well, the poor little guy is sick again.  I guess it was inevitable with all the play dates and hanging around with so many toddlers.  The thing is, in case you haven't heard, it's Halloween.  We have/had 4 parties on the books and costumes have been purchased.  Sigh.  Right now I'm just waiting to see just how sick he is exactly and we'll see what we can do.  He's clearly become an expert at taking his temperature though (ear thermometer).  

Yesterday we had a lazy day inside, watching east coast storm coverage and reading books in bed.  Books always make him happy.  :-)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Week in Review - 10/27/12


That is one happy kid.  I guess rolling around on hard cold tile is more fun for a toddler than a 30 year old.  

I feel like we spent most of the this week reading.  We read while we eat meals.


He climbs in a chair and reads by himself while I'm doing chores.  

He climbs into bed with daddy and reads first thing in the morning.  

It's pretty much a punishment when I tell him we can't read any more.  All that reading though isn't very tiring.  So I have to exhaust him out with his other favorite activity - playing outside.  Jack's been consistently waking up between 5:15 and 5:45 every morning for like two months.  (pitch black and not that fun).  But for the last couple of days I've tried to take him to the park around 5pm to run him around and tire him out with the hope of a little later wake-up time.  It's worked a few times (yay for 6:30!) but it's definitely not a full-proof solution.  He does enjoy running and asks to "chase" with a "ready, set, go".  It's pretty cute.  

And of course there is jumping.  Always jumping.  He loves to jump.  "1, 2, 3!" he shouts.

John and I have gotten a little braver about taking him to restaurants (though only chain restaurants that are extremely kid friendly).  Guess what restaurants serve though with a kid meal?  Juice!  And not the watered-down junk that mommy gives him.  Real, sugary, potent juice.  Guess who drank a whole cup of it without taking a breath?

And now, more pics from the week!

"playing outside is fun mommy!"

mischievous little imp

climbing up on the fence

telescope at the zoo

hanging with daddy

me and my boy in matching grey hooded sweatshirts

I caught him reading again

Swinging never gets old

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Social? Not so much.


I've written about this a million times but my son is about as social as me in big group settings. (i.e. not at all). He doesn't really love the big classes we take and is pretty clingy while we're there. Often times he repeatedly says "home" which makes me feel pretty bad for the teacher.

Luckily, this moms club we're in has been a lifesaver when it comes to socializing. He is familiar with the 10 or so kids in his playgroup and seems pretty comfortable with them. He's started saying their names and they've all started playing chase and tickle monster, etc. It's pretty cute. Last week we took a field trip to the pumpkin patch with them and everyone had a great time.


On a side note, the club has been helpful for me too as I get to socialize with other stay at home moms.  Hooray for our monthly moms night out!  :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Spelling Bee Champion?


So, before I present the video below, in all it's glory, I just have to say how inherently ridiculous baby blogs are. (or is this now a kid blog? whatever.) I mean, even if you try to avoid bragging about your kid, you end up doing it anyways. That's because you tend to post cute pictures of your kid as opposed to ugly ones. And you're also blinded and constantly amazed at their development because it's the first time you've ever seen something go from zero to 100. I mean, seriously, to watch something go from a blob who doesn't know it has hands to a little kid who can count to 20 is amazing.

 Anyways, this is all because I have this video below of Jack spelling some words which I think is awesome. He is so good at letters and spelling and it just seems to come easy to him. Which, as I'm typing it sounds like such a jerky thing to say. But it's just his strength. In the interest of fairness and to temper the bragging, Jack's got plenty of weaknesses. Mainly anything social. He is so quiet around strangers and in big groups. And when we go to new places he usually spends the first hour clinging to mommy. Ahh, he's just like his mom in so many ways.

 Okay, enough talk. Here's my super brilliant adorable genius future spelling champ:


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Week in Review - 10/20/12


Not much to tell but I figured I'd share some "normal" pictures from our week. Lots of fun even though it was 90 degrees. This is supposed to be Fall!


playing the drums at the park

dribbling the ball with daddy

practicing his letters with his favorite game from grandma

such a boy...likes to make everything go up and down and vroom, vroom, vroom

reading in bed with daddy

park play date with friends

joint swing ride!


finally found a way for jack to enjoy my starbucks runs...water with a straw!

"what's up mom?  thanks for putting me in this cool outfit."

Aww, my boy.

Friday, October 19, 2012

20 Months Old!

Hello everybody!  That happy little kid is 20 months old today.  I can't believe that we are seriously approaching 2 years old.  It's gone by so fast.  

"You're so funny mommy."

He says so much now and has started stringing together two and three words which is so cool.  Love this age!

"I'm pretty done with the pictures, mom."

"Like, REALLY, done.  Later."