Friday, November 13, 2015

Sam is 24 months today!

Sam is two years old!  Look at that cutie pie.  We just can't believe how quickly two years has flown by.  Though, to look at him, people guess he's almost three all the time.  He's a big boy that towers over his entire playgroup.

He's just started his two year old tantrums and insane moods.  He's always been a bit feisty but now he's started his lay on the floor and scream and flail phase.  But I'm not too bothered by it because at least now I know it's normal and it'll pass.

He remains entirely devoted to his brother and just loves him so much.  He looks at the window every afternoon to look and see when Jack will be dropped off from school.  He tackles his brother when he decides it's time to wrestle and he holds his hand when it's time to be nice.

He loves hanging with the older kids and loves a good party.

Watch out for this one because he sure likes crowds and being social.  Doesn't want to read a single book but will talk to any stranger in any public place.

I just love my little guy with the feisty attitude.  Happy 2nd birthday Sammy!