Saturday, December 22, 2012

Week in Review - 12/22/12


 Well, what a busy crazy week. I've spent most of my nights, after Jack's gone to bed, either online christmas shopping, or wrapping presents, or finishing crafts, or baking goodies for Jack's friends. Of course, this was made all the more difficult because Jack came down with a cold and cough. Though by yesterday when he wasn't sleeping at all during the night and only wanted to be held, I knew something was a little off with him...more than a cold. A quick trip to the doctor confirmed some severe bronchitis and I felt pretty bad that he had been suffering all week. Sigh. At least now we have antibiotics as well as this crazy breathing machine that we put more medicine in and he breathes in twice a day. Good times. At least through all these sick times we still got some good pictures. :)

Before he got really bad, we took a trip to the zoo with some of his friends and he ran around.


He continues to LOVE his little alarm clock that he plays with and counts up to 60. Probably his favorite "toy" in the house.


Of course his other favorite thing is obviously Pepe, Aunt Leslie's dog. He is gentle and tries to give him hugs and kisses.



We went to a store the other day and Jack insisted that the picture in the window was of Pepe. I tried to tell him otherwise but he wouldn't be swayed. The kid knows what he likes. And he likes Pepe.


 Here are some more pics from the week!


sleeping with his arms up, mommy-style

running up and done the hill

signing a card like a big boy

and learning how to write on his hand too

pointing out body parts

practicing his FREEZE dance!

the only toddler I know who requests prunes.  so weird.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

22 Months Old!

This lil' bugger is 22 months old today.  I'll have you know that I did the entire photo shoot and then looked at last month's 21 month blog post and realized he was wearing the exact same outfit.  So I changed shirts and did it again.  Because that's how much I care.  Oddly enough, Jack didn't seem to share my sentiment and was pretty mad I was making him do it again.  Oh well.

I bribed him by letting him include his beloved trains in some of the pics.

And of course I let him jump a little.  I just had to.  I love this picture.

Goofy grin.

Jack laughing hysterically at me after I pretended to be hurt to get him to smile.  What a sick little kid.

But soon he was done with the shoot and let me know by throwing the clipboard at me.  Charming little independent almost-2 year old.  :)

Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Card Lane

While we were in San Diego, my mom, Jack and I went to local holiday favorite, Christmas Card Lane. It's such an amazing neighborhood with great lights and giant wooden character stand-ups/signs in yards. Plus there were some amazing train set-ups. Of course, I didn't really take any pictures of the lights or displays. But I did get one of my winter buddy. (who was not amused by the bright annoying flash).


We walked the route rather than driving because I thought he'd like to see everything up close. He certainly enjoyed being that close to the lights but, then again, he also ran up everyone's yard and touched everything and was always in danger of bringing everything down. Oh well. I guess he's a boy. But a cute boy.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Weekend at the Cabin

Last weekend, after Johnny's birthday party, we drove up to my family's mountain "cabin" (most people prefer to call it a log home or, even, "chateau").  It's just such a gorgeous location.  I hadn't taken Jack there since he was 9 months old because, during that visit, he refused to sleep at all during the night and it drove John and me to the edge of insanity.  But I was excited to take him this time now that he's so mature.

First he just wanted to explore the yard and all the bushes and dirt and rocks.  He loved it.


Then we decided to be adventurous and take a walk to the lake. Of course Jack had to take along his best friend. 


He really enjoyed spending so much time with his grandpa and grandma who he loves so much. It's so fun to hear him call everyone by name and look forward to seeing them.

Of course, he insisted upon playing the "1, 2, 3, swing!" game while we walked. It's not my best angle but he was so cute and squealing with joy.


He ran for half the journey and we finally made it to the bear at the top of the hill.

Of course, after all that physical exertion, Jack was begging for his "fish!" so we stopped for a goldfish snack.

The highlight though was definitely throwing rocks in the lake. Wow. It blew Jack's mind. He took his grandpa's lead and started heaving big rocks in with all his might. "Plop!" he yelled as they went in and splashed. 


After our long walk Jack took his first ever (and probably last ever) car ride up the hill without a car seat. He was STOKED and couldn't stop looking out the window.


Here are a few more pics from our time up at the cabin....

kicking back and getting away from it all.

bathing like a fancy boy

that's one happy boy