Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sam is 22 months old today!

There's our Sammy!  Wearing his brother's hand-me-down shirt that Jack wore when he was 3.  Sam isn't even 2 but he's a beast.  Everyone always thinks he's older than he is because he's pretty tall and solid.  

Not much new this month except a lot of new words and language development.  I'm not sure anyone can understand him except for us but that's okay.  He's not shy about telling us exactly what he wants.  And his go-to move is to grab us (or any adult really) by the hand to lead him/her to where he wants to go.  Sometimes it's just to play with him outside, sometimes it's to show us how crazy his older brother is being, and sometimes it's right to the fridge for more food.  But he's very assertive!

He's starting typical 2 year old behavior and gets frustrated pretty easily.  If a toy or something isn't working right away, he's quick to yell and throw and run around screaming.  Luckily it's not that often and we aren't very phased.


Besides, he's even cute when he's throwing things.

He is playing well with Jack now and that is awesome.  Of course, nowadays the roles have switched slightly and sometimes Sam is the aggressor, pulling Jack's hair or tackling him to the ground.  Wrestling is fun when both parties are in agreement, but not so fun if one isn't in the mood.  But we try to let them work it out themselves.  

Jack really thought it would be great to tickle Sam during these photos to make him laugh.

It did make Sam smile but then he was OFF and ready to chase down big brother.

Happy 22 months Sam!