Friday, May 31, 2013

Another Beach Post


This Memorial Day we decided to head to Malibu to have some beach fun. Since our last beach visit for Aunt Leslie's birthday, Jack had been begging for more "waves and sand!" So off we went and tried not to think of how crowded it would be. Malibu was actually pretty sunny and the crowds weren't too bad.

Jack was a little tentative at first and needed to check out the huge waves with his daddy.


 After that he seemed ready to go.



 So, making sure that he was safe in his daddy's arms, he charged into the waves!


We had a great day there and Jack ended up spending four hours playing in the water and on the sand.  I'm afraid I have a beach bum in the making.  And a daddy's boy of course.  :)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Day at the Beach (and Happy Birthday Aunt Leslie!)


This past Tuesday we met Aunt Leslie down at Venice Beach to celebrate her birthday. Jack LOVES the beach and hasn't been since last summer so he was pretty excited to go see the "waves and sand". I don't personally love the beach but his sheer joy at having the waves hit his legs was enough to make me have a good time. He was a little tentative at first, trying to figure out just how brave he could be.


 But soon he went charging down towards the waves (and I mean CHARGING at full speed), ready to get wet.


He was really cute.  Brave, but not too crazy.  It was cold and the waves were big so he would only go up to about his knees.  After a few big waves knocked him over, he insisted upon holding my hand every time a wave was coming.  It was pretty adorable.  

Jack was, of course, happy to see his Aunt Leslie and wish her a happy birthday.  


 And I had a great time with my boy!


Sunday, May 19, 2013

2 1/4 Years Old!

 2 1/4 years old! You didn't think I would abandon this project, did you? I wanted to keep it going but I knew monthly photo shoots were going to be a little silly. Because Jack wasn't changing as drastically month to month. But I think every three months is a good amount of time. And besides, doesn't he look adorable? (Besides the fact that he needs a haircut of course....)


Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy (Belated) Mother's Day!

This is a very belated post but John, Jack, and I went down to San Diego for Mother's Day and it was a really great time.  First, Jack made a beeline for the sports court so he could play some basketball.  His daddy was more than happy to oblige.

 Afterwards Jack was pooped and needed a little break on the sidelines.


There were also good times with Grandma and Grandpa.

It was a beautiful day so we decided to go swimming, one of Jack's favorite activities.  His cousins Johnny and Hank joined in the fun.  Jack even wore a new little float so he could "swim" by himself.  Well, by himself with daddy hovering about two inches from him.


 There was of course, the actual Mother's Day celebration. Jack was adorable and rounded the corner of the kitchen with flowers for me and my mom. Along with balloons. With daddy's help, he gave me the cutest card and a locket necklace with his picture in it. So cute!


It was a great weekend!  Perfect last weekend before John started a new job.  And Jack even got to visit his favorite golf statue.  :)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Weekend at the Cabin


 This weekend (John's last weekend before starting a new movie) we headed down to San Diego and went to my parents cabin. Or "cabin". I can't describe to you how much Jack loves going there. He was so so excited and had been talking about it for weeks. His favorite thing ever is to throw rocks in the lake. That's all he wanted to do. So we obliged.



 See his joy?



 Jackie just enjoyed having his daddy around.



 We capped our mountain trip off with a quick jaunt to Julian where Jack enjoyed the sights. What a great weekend!


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Zoo Trip with Daddy


The good times with daddy continued as we took Jack to the zoo today. The little guy loved hanging with his dad and showing him all his favorite animals. And of course getting a rid on his shoulders. So much better than the stroller.


 As usual, Jack was far more interested in climbing on rocks and statues then looking at animals. Though I will say that he LOVED counting how many animals there were in each exhibit.


 We counted giraffes, watched the warthogs, and got to see a really neat tiger scene...two tigers playing in the water with a ball. Very cool. And I even tried to get a family shot! Not the greatest picture but I tried. :)