Why, hello there!  I'm Lisa. I am the proud mom to our lil' guy who was born in February 2011. Baby Jack was the best thing to happen to me and John.  Who's John?  How did we get here?  Oh yeah, let me go back a few years.

I was born and raised in San Diego and then took a brief hiatus from Southern California to travel to Palo Alto for college.  After four years of money well spent (hi mom and dad!), I moved to Los Angeles to work in the film industry.  Sounds like a pipe dream but, hey, it actually worked.  I got to work for different producers, a writer, an actress, and on various movies which you may or may not have seen.  Along the way, I met this amazing guy named John.  Part indie rocker, part sports fanatic, and all stubborn, he was brave enough to date me, live with me, and then marry me.  Joining my crazy Italian family wasn't easy, but he did it with a sense of humor and a smile and now they like him better than me.

Somewhere along the line we decided to maybe have one of these "kids" that everyone was talking about.  Well, not really everyone because, in Los Angeles, kids are an endangered species.  But still, we needed something else to talk about after all these years together.  I think we're ready for this journey...  I figure my 10 years in the business taking care of thousands of crew members, childish producers, and absolutely self-centered, temper-tantrum prone actors, is great training for this whole "mom" gig.  But, then again, I may be ridiculously naive.  No crew member has actually vomited on me so I guess there is a slight difference.