Saturday, June 30, 2012

Week in Review - 6/30/12


 Another week where Jack seemed to learn all sorts of new things. He's finally holding his sippy cup all by himself all of the time and is also holding his squeeze-y snacks and the like. One funny thing he likes to do all the time now is make a questioning "huh" sound accompanied by an upturned "where is it?" Where is anything? If we come out of the store, where is the car? Where is his toy?  Where is dada? So cute.


 Let's see...he also started saying "pop" this week which is exciting. He got it from me singing "Pop Goes The Weasel" all the time. But he also uses it when he pops bubbles. But his favorite activity this week? Screws!! He loves loves loves using his screwdriver to turn the screws in his toolbox. And when we found another tool bench at our mommy and me class? He beelined right for it.



 At that same class I also saw him do something I've never seen him do...feed baby dolls. Maybe because we don't have any dolls in the house. But it was cute.


 Mark down this week as the week he also became OBSESSED with chairs. Oh man. The more rockin', tippy, and dangerous the better. He'll climb right up and rock the heck out of every rocking chair we find.



 Okay, enough talk. Here are more pics from the week!

Hooray for water!

Picnic with daddy

He loves laying down nowadays

look at those long legs!

getting pulled around by his friend Diego

three's a crowd in the wagon

he loves the front yard and he loves watching the cars go by

music time in class

signature squat position

boxes never get old

me and my boy at the picnic

enjoying his rocking chair seat with his Syracuse pillow

Friday, June 29, 2012

Five for Friday: Nora Ephron moments

This week screenwriter/director/author/activist Nora Ephron died at the age of 71.  It seemed sudden because she had kept her battle with leukemia private.  She had a fascinating life and was more than just the screenwriter of my favorite movie of all time, "When Harry Met Sally".  But, of course, that's what I'm going to focus on here.  Here are my favorite moments from her movies.  (I'm sure this interests exactly one person but...indulge me!)

5.  "My Blue Heaven" - Thanksgiving


4.  "You've Got Mail" -
 Their first meeting scene won't embed so here's the "pride and prejudice" scene:

3.  "Sleepless in Seattle" - Radio Call (excuse the subtitles)

2.  "When Harry Met Sally" - Wagon Wheel Coffee Table

1.  "When Harry Met Sally" - Baby Fish Mouth (for some reason this scene makes me laugh the hardest..."like 'baby fish mouth' is sweeping the nation.")

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Zoo with friends


 That was my view for most of our latest zoo trip. Jack increasingly loves to break out of his stroller and be FREE! In fact, I think it's his favorite thing in the world. He especially enjoys any freedom that includes stair climbing. This past visit we took his friend Madelynn and her mom and Jack had a great time with his good friend. Of course, they were far less interested in the animals than in climbing on everything and anything.



 It's so nice to see Jack play so nicely with his little friend. They seem to really get along and it's so cute. Of course, the other bonus to bringing friends to the zoo...I have someone who can take a picture of me and my boy!


Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy Anniversary, husband

Seven years ago today, John and I were married in San Diego in, what I will call, one heck of an amazing and fun wedding.  It was a great day.  So much has happened in the past seven years.  More than I could have ever imagined or predicted.  I know I'm pretty lucky to be able to say that, after all this time, I am still madly in love with my husband and my best friend.  

Somehow yesterday John surprised me not once, but twice with fun outings.  We got to celebrate with the little guy during the day and then go out to dinner at night (courtesy of Aunt Leslie's babysitting services).  Thanks for such a nice day sweetie!



Saturday, June 23, 2012

Week in Review 6/23/12


 There's my big boy, going down the slide by himself. His grandpa and grandma bought him this little outdoor play thing that is a ladder with steps leading up to a landing and then a slide down. He has mastered climbing up the steep stairs and going down the slide himself. He sits and get both feet out in front of him and away he goes. His favorite thing is to carry leaves up the stairs and then make them go down the slide before him. Hysterical. In other news, he is SLOWLY starting to catch up to his playmates when it comes to motor skills and imitating things. And I mean slow like molasses. I'm not that concerned but man, is he on his own schedule. He will now occasionally hold his own sippy cup without making me do it. And the other day we were reading his animal book and got to the snake page and he started making a hissing snake sound. Very exciting! He's biggest accomplishment is probably doing all the motions to his favorite song, "The Wheels on the Bus". I've been doing them for a while and then, all of sudden, one day without me asking him to do it, he just started doing the hand motions.  The windows on the bus go UP and down!


His smelling skills aren't quite perfected yet. He insists on opening his mouth really wide to "smell" the flowers. At least he's not trying to eat them.


 Besides the outdoors, his favorite thing is reading books. If he's not pounding on the door begging me to go outside, he's bringing me book after book and pounding on the cover until I start reading them. And boy, do we read. Book after book after book. And he patiently sits in my lap and listens to it all.  Amazing. 


 He still has quite a penchant for hurting himself. This past week it was running and stumbling and doing a face plant into the corner of our stucco exterior. Made a nice line down his face and there's still a giant bruise. You can sort of see it here.


I think I neglected to do a post on father's day because my computer was busted. But we had a lovely day down in San Diego with my dad and my brother and his family (happy first birthday Hank!). Jack loved being with his daddy as usual. I am so lucky that John is such a wonderful father who is enthusiastic about spending every free minute with his son.


 And now more pics from the week!


bouncing and jumping in bed

enjoying his cousins' sand box

sleeping of the middle of a children's band performance at the library with 100 excited kids.  if he could sleep through the night this wouldn't happen...

playing in mommy's closet

getting started on his alphabet.  he doesn't know anything yet but maybe this will help.

showing off his new kicks

Friday, June 22, 2012

Five for Friday: Things I Hate that People Love

This has absolutely nothing to do with Jack...  :)

Top 5 Things I Hate that Most People Love

5.  "Mad Men"

4.  Carrots ("love" may be going a bit far but most people eat them)

3.  Boats and Rollercoasters (same issue...motion sickness)

2.  Pedicures (well, girls usually like them anyways)

1.  Beer

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

16 Months Old!


 It's official, I have a real little boy on my hands. Gone is any trace of the baby he once was. He looks so old!