Friday, January 14, 2011

Today I am...36 weeks pregnant.

I can’t believe I only have a month to go. Though, knowing that I’m likely to be late, I hesitate to say that I only have 4 weeks left. Nonetheless, things are slowly coming together. The baby newsletters all say I should pack my hospital bag this week but I am not mentally or physically at that point. I have plenty of time! Who wants to give up their favorite comfy pants just to pack in a bag? So I’ll put that off. Besides, I haven’t even started Braxton-Hicks contractions so we’re in no danger.

This past week we had an Infant CPR class as well as a Breastfeeding class at The Pump Station. The breastfeeding class was amazing! Finally, an instructor who was still excited and in awe of the process and who inspired excitement in the attendees. We learned a lot and John even got to share a beer with Tom Hanks’ son. I met my OB’s partner at my last doctor’s appointment. Just so I know who she is if my doctor is unavailable. From here on out, I’ll be going to the doctor’s office once a week.

Here’s the rest of my stats:

How Far Along: 36 Weeks

Baby Development: The little guy is apparently about 6 pounds which means he could fit in most of the Newborn clothes I have hanging in the closet (which I’m sure he’ll never wear). He’s about 18.5 inches long and is starting to shed some of the fine body hair that he’s had this whole time.

Baby Movement: Big turns and pushes, creating large waves across my belly

Water Intake: Oh, leave me alone.

Best Moment this Week: Celebrating John’s 36th birthday. I made the famous Stromboli all by myself!

Current baby/pregnancy worry: After an educational Infant CPR class, our heads were filled with worst-case scenarios

Symptoms: God help me, I think I’ve started the pregnancy waddle.

Sleep Quality: Sleeping is getting harder and harder. This week I tried to put a second pillow between my knees and that seemed to help.

Food Cravings: Oddly, yogurt, fruit, and granola

What I Miss: a big Diet Coke from a fountain soda with ice

I’m Looking Forward to: The Golden Globes on Sunday. Pregnant or not, I can still enjoy that.

Trying to get done before baby: John and I are trying to eat at some of our favorite restaurants before the little guy ruins all of our fine dining.

John's POV: “I’ve been pressuring Lisa to pack a bag since that line item began popping up on the newsletters. She keeps putting it off. I have no idea why. All of her “comfy pants” look the same to me. She can’t pick one and throw them in a bag?”

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