Friday, January 21, 2011

Today I am...37 weeks pregnant.

Well, here I am again. Bigger and...better? Well, not better because I've amped up my complaining about aches and pains this week. I thought the lil' guy had dropped and that my heartburn was a thing of the past. He gently reminded me that I was naive and ridiculous and didn't know a thing about pregnancy. So I hit the Maalox bottle again which, as always, helped the situation. Sleeping has gotten pretty dreadful. Gotten to the point where I don't really even look forward to going to bed because I know it'll be achy. Lots of tossing and turning to try to alleviate the pain in my hips. But, it's not all bad. John's always there with every awakening to make sure I'm okay.

With three weeks left, I am torn between thinking the big day is right around the corner and thinking that I really have at least 4 weeks left. A whole month. Which is a long time. So yes, the bag is not packed, and I'm not completely ready. But I haven't had any Braxton-Hicks contractions or any signs of early labor. I think he's pretty much settled in there and I've got a little time. Or at least I'm hoping I do.

This week I met the 3rd and final OB partner at my doctor's practice. She was fantastic so I've decided that if my OB doesn't make it to my delivery, I would be okay with one of the other two doctors. But we'll see how it goes. Maybe the lil' guy will cooperate and want to make his debut during the day on a weekday. We also met a pediatrician this week. Our health insurance referred us to a 4 doctor practice which is, luckily, near our house. We met one of the doctors who we liked. She seems good though we left debating if she was "warm and fuzzy" enough for a pediatrician. But, then again, maybe she didn't whip out that side of her while talking to do 30 year olds. Anyways, I guess we'll see how it goes once we start going to her.

And here's what's going on this week:

How far along: 37 weeks

Baby Development: My newsletter today said he is the size of a watermelon! Holy moly. I just thought that was a figure of speech. Like "I carried a watermelon". But no wonder why it's so awkward to walk around.

Baby Movement: He's still going in there. Sometimes it looks and feels like a movie where a bomb or missile explodes like a foot under the ground and the whole surface makes a big rise and fall move. That's what my belly looks like sometimes.

Water Intake: I'm failing. It was so easy when I sat at a desk all day. Now, at home? Not so much. Must do better this week.

Best Moment this Week: Probably finding out that my good friend Leigh got engaged! So happy for her. Hopefully the little guy doesn't completely get in the way of pre-wedding fun.

Current baby/pregnancy worry: Breastfeeding probably. I'm reading so many books with so many ideas and how and when to breastfeed and all the potential problems. Kind of nerve-wracking. And of course there's no way to prepare for it.

Symptoms: Well, no contractions even though most 37-weekers feel Braxton-Hicks contractions. Like I said, I think I'm a late bloomer. Definitely have to go to the bathroom all the time though and I'm getting less mobile.

Sleep Quality: Please. Don't talk to me about sleep. My legs and arms keep falling asleep under the crushing weight of my body. And I get to go the bathroom two or three times a night. And I get to go over my long to-do lists in the middle of the night. So fun!

Food Cravings: Ice Cream milkshakes. Yeah, I know what you're thinking. But think of all that dairy!

What I Miss: I miss the energy of work and all my friends there.

I'm Looking Forward to: We've got our annual Maggiano's dinner this weekend with the LA posse. This is like our 8th year in a row!

Trying to Get Done Before Baby:
I am finally getting a haircut so I can check that off the list. I installed the car seat yesterday so that's done. I think it's time to assemble that baby swing, bouncer, and stroller though.

John's POV:
“We stumbled onto ‘Bill Cosby: Himself’ on the TV the other day. Right at the childbirth part. Right at the part where he jokingly asks the doctor to put his newborn baby back because it’s not done cooking yet. Then the next 30-40 minutes are all about his huge family and how 'brain damaged' his kids are. I used to really, really laugh at this stand-up. I’m laughing less now.”

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