Saturday, February 26, 2011

Today Jack is...1 week old.

Jack's 1 week birthday was today and he celebrated by eating, sleeping, and pooping. Oh, and burping. Those seem to be his four favorite activities. He's continued to be a champion sleeper and doesn't really fuss. We know this stage will end soon so we're trying to enjoy every minute of it. This week the lil' guy had a few outings where he coped with his car seat time by falling asleep. I'll take it. We went for our first walk but only made it around the block as that's about as far as I could get with my post-partum recovery still in full swing. Still, he got to see the neighborhood from his Moby wrap and I think he approved.

Today did have some noteworthy activities though. First, Jack watched Syracuse beat Georgetown with his daddy. He was seriously excited about some of Syracuse's big plays in this very important game.

Then, in what I have to believe was God's nod to Jack's first birthday, it snowed in LA for the first time in decades. Yup, real snow. See? On the car and on the roof?

So, week one has flown by. We had a couple bumps in the road while we were trying to navigate all this new parenting stuff, but Jack dealt with his incompetent mom and dad very well. He's an angel and we're already hoping he doesn't grow up too fast.

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  1. Those pictures are absolutely gorgeous! He's got amazing eyes and seems so alert.

    It does all go much faster than you want. Continue to enjoy it all. :)