Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spoiled Jack

Well, not spoiled yet. But Jack has been fortunate enough to have very generous friends and family. The craziest thing has been getting mail at the house with his name on it. So surreal.

He's gotten too many wonderful things to post but wanted to share a couple.

Very hip onesie courtesy of good friend Taryn.

Very clever onesie from former LA denizens Egan and Susan.

Sporty Eagles towel from Bubba and Liz.

Badass t-shirt from Aunt Janet.

Spider-man outfit from the lovely Spidey crew.

Absolutely adorable soft doggie blanket from Aunt Julie.

I mean, really.

And from high school friend Emily, the most "Newsies-ist" gift of all, Cowboy Jack socks. I don't think the lil' one fully understood the reference but I really appreciated it.


  1. okay these are all seriously adorable, but i laughed out loud at the cowboy jack socks. i hope you're teaching him the wisdom early. headlines don't sell papes.

  2. I wish I could "like" Stacey's comment.

  3. Newsies sell papes.

    He'll learn, he'll learn...