Saturday, April 30, 2011

Today Jack is...10 weeks old.

This week started off with Easter Sunday which just seemed like an excuse to dress him in his most formal 3-month attire. There weren't many choices but I think he made it clear how he felt about his outfit.

"This is super lame Mom."

This week brought more of the same with a few changes. He's definitely a little bit more into toys though he's still not grabbing them. But he's batting at them and loves the noises. He loves kicking like crazy in his bouncy seat and making the whole chair go up and down. We introduced him to this super soft little dog blanket "Spot" that he seems to love.

I've tried to do a bit more tummy time and he's neck strength seems pretty awesome to me. But I'm biased. We take walks to Vons or Starbucks every day and the ladies at the store are quite taken with him. We have sleep training to do and bottle training, but we seem to always say, "let's start that next week." Not sure when we'll eventually tackle it.

And now, more photos from this week!

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  1. That last picture is adorable!

    And somehow babies always look hilarious in pants.