Saturday, April 23, 2011

Today Jack is...9 weeks old.

Week 9 has not been a banner week for the little guy. First, he got a nasty eye infection which sort of hindered his cuteness. And now something unpleasant seems to have switched on in him. Extreme extreme fussiness. Or maybe even colic. I don't know. But he's only sleeping about 2 hours a night and then awake and just inconsolable from 1am to 7am. In the past he's certainly woken up for feedings but he's never cried like this. Anyways, it's finally starting to take a toll on ol' mom and dad. As far as I can tell, we could have about 4 more weeks of this type of behavior. We're just trying to remember that, eventually, it'll end. We're not asking for him to sleep through the night, just to quit the non-stop overnight crying. I'll keep you posted... In the mean time he's really mastered the lower lip pout.

In other news, he seems to be increasingly delighted by noises from toys and rattles. Not the actual toys per se, just the sounds they make. He's got all the toys in the world but his favorite thing is still the chandelier.

Still no grasping yet but that'll come. He is still endlessly entertained while laying on the changing table and staring at his colorful nursery wall. That and watching mom and dad sing and dance.

He's got his two month check-up on Monday (a little late) and then we'll have some height and weight stats to post. Until then, enjoy more pics from this week!



  1. OH the lower lip pout. Kills me! Hope you're hanging in there, can't wait to see him again and catch up!

  2. OH that sweet baby belly. Can't get enough of his funny faces!

  3. i am feeling for you on the fussiness and sleeplessness. hang in there!