Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Two Months Doctor's Visit

Yesterday was Jack's two month check-up and he was a serious champ. That pic above is from before the doc came in. When he was being weighed and measured. He was so happy. In fact, his extreme happiness made me sad knowing that he was about to get stuck with a needle three times for three difference vaccines. But I tried to enjoy the happy time. Besides, maybe Jack was beaming because his stats were fantastic.

Weight - 11 pounds, 4 ounces (50th percentile)
Height - 24 inches (90th percentile...way up!!)

John immediately started planning his NCAA basketball career, dreaming of a 6 foot tall son. I'm not so sure he's destined for great heights, but I was pretty stoked. Anyways, the doc was super nice as usual. We sheepishly admitted that we basically spoiled the little guy, didn't try any sleep training, sometimes he slept in our bed in our arms, and constantly rocked and bounced him. She assured us that was all fine for Jack, it would just make our life harder as we went along, so.... We told her we knew that but we loved punishing ourselves. Though really I just don't mind coddling my little boy because I know he won't always want to sleep with me.

After the doctor said that he seemed to be developing well and looked great, she exited and left the dirty work to the nurse. The nice lady walked in with 3 shots. At that point the little guy was already crying on the table so I had to look away as he got jabbed three times. He let out shrieks of pain which I expected. But we immediately whisked him out of the office and started walking him outside and he calmed right down. Amazing. But we knew it wouldn't last because the next place he was going was the car seat. Then SHOCKINGLY, he fussed a little as we drove away and then passed out hard. Really hard.

Not the greatest picture but there he is, passed out in his little mirror. With his car seat toys in the foreground. Which I constantly say look like suicidal animals who have hung themselves.


  1. first time mention ever of animal suicide on a mommy blog?

  2. That last note about the animals is just what I needed to read in the midst of grading. Hilarious!

    And hooray for a growing, healthy baby! Go Jack! (Go mom's milk!)