Saturday, May 14, 2011

Today Jack is...12 weeks old.

Jack had a banner week and we're slowly starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel as far as him becoming a little baby who we can take places and play with. It's pretty cool actually. He's become more okay with just sitting on our laps and hanging out. The forward-facing Baby Bjorn is certainly a game-changer. For the first time, John and I got to sit in a restaurant and eat at a table with him in the Bjorn. Sure, we ate as fast as possible, but that's okay. It was fantastic.

I've ditched the stroller a few times and just taken off with the Bjorn. Of course, the minute I stepped outside, sans stroller shade, I realized, Oh crap, the sun's in his eyes. I darted back into the house and grabbed the one and only baby hat we own. The little guy seems to like it.

This week Jack seems to like tummy time more and more. He's done a few half-rolls on the couch but no real roll-overs. He also has discovered how awesome blowing drool bubbles is. This is fairly amusing though it does mean anything and everything near his mouth is wet at all times. Including his grey onesie that he got to match daddy.

He will now begrudgingly take a bottle (usually) but our main dilemma is still the car. He still hates it. And by hates I mean he cries, sobs, shakes, chokes, and sweats. This weekend we're heading to San Diego for the first time and I'll already dreading the drive. Twenty minutes breaks my heart so I can't imagine 2 hours and 20 minutes. I'll let you know.

Even with all the car drama, it's hard not to just adore this kid. He's so so expressive and that is so fun. He makes the funniest faces.

This furrowed brow unfortunately comes straight from me. But it's pretty rad.

And now, more pics from this week!

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  1. The furrowed brow is excellent. And it's great that he likes the Bjorn - maybe that's just it: he gets bored in the car seat because he can't see anything. Simon stopped shrieking at us in the car once he got big enough to actually see things out the window.