Saturday, May 21, 2011

Today Jack is...13 weeks old.

I LOVE this picture of Jack this week. So darn cute. 13 weeks, 3 months old. I thought that maybe magically he'd get a billion times easier once he turned 3 months but that's not quite the case. He is developing new skills really rapidly though which is a joy to watch. This week he started babbling and cooing a ton. It's the cutest sound to my ears. He'll sit on the changing table, in the bath, or in bed early in the morning and just blabber away. He's also now grabbing at things and, though he usually can't quite connect, sometimes he gets lucky.

Between cooing and grabbing, he's drooling up a storm. A constant stream of drool down his chin and he proudly blows spit bubbles. He's enjoying tummy time and, though he's had a few accidental roll overs, he really can't roll over yet. Though, John and I decided we have to watch him more closely on the changing table now that he may be developing that skill. That fact was hammered home when we went to the doctor's office and the nurse ran over to the table once she saw we took his hands off him. He doesn't roll YET! We're not THAT bad of parents. Though I did forget diaper wipes and had to use paper towels at the doctor's. Okay, we're sort of bad parents.

The bottle thing is still going well.

Though my problem is that I can't pump enough to even make a full bottle for him. So that's not very helpful. I've gotta work on that.

And now, more pictures from this week!

Playing in the mirror

If you look closely, he's proud of himself because of his awesome spit bubbles

Lounging by the pool

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