Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First Father's Day

We thoroughly enjoyed our first father's day though it was fairly uneventful. The little guy has been fairly fussy lately so it was just about managing his moods all day. Though John and Jack got some good pool time on the warm day.

The dynamic duo also got to practice Jack's new move which I like to call "Superbaby". His head and core muscle strength is amazing. He can hold his body super straight for a really long time.

But it was a great day and a celebration of one of the best dads I know. John has been amazing with Jack and it's so fun to watch. It's nice to see his eyes light up when he gets home from work and sees Jack. And it's adorable to watch Jack respond with glee. The little guy's favorite daddy/son activity is probably when my perfectly indie rock husband puts on his favorite record, turns it up really loud, and dances around with him. I am so grateful to have a husband who is so interested in participating in every aspect of parenthood. And one who has helped keep me sane through all the sleepless nights and hours of crying. Sometimes, in these early months, Jack will only take solace and be soothed by me which I know is hard on my husband who is always volunteering to help me. What he doesn't realize is, even though he can't take the kid off my hands all the time, he is helping me more than he knows by just being by my side and soothing me in the middle of the night when I'm done soothing Jack.


  1. Love the pictures of Jack. He's adorable! Please extend a belated Happy Father's day to his incredible Dad!

  2. What a great post, Lisa! You and John have done an incredible job with the little guy - parenthood definitely suits the two of you and I really admire how all the struggles have brought you even closer together (and that you both have such a great sense of humor about it all).

  3. You and John sound like a really strong parenting team.

  4. i love that last superbaby shot. matching outfits. just awwwwwww.