Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Holiday Weekend in Photos

Our little family of three had a jam-packed holiday weekend. On Saturday morning we made the trek down to Dana Point to see my friend Colleen at her mom's house. Jack did okay on the 2 hour drive, definitely some crying but nothing that we couldn't handle. We got to Colleen's where they were having a party at their beautifully re-done house. Unfortunately my camera died while we were there so I didn't get a pic of me and Colleen. But I did get a photo of John and Jack (though John wasn't aware he was supposed to smile).

I spent a good deal of the party upstairs on a quiet balcony while the little guy slept. He can't stay awake very long and the drive tired him out.

Unfortunately when we left Dana Point and continued the drive to San Diego, we hit traffic and it took almost two hours. Jack had a major meltdown and was inconsolable. Poor little guy. It really made John and I so sad. But we made it and he crashed hard in his pack n' play right away.

The next day we went over to my brother's house to see his family and meet his newest addition, baby Hank. First Jack got to try out Johnny's sand box which I think he really liked, despite the look on his face. He was studying the experience pretty intently.

Then he tried out Johnny's swing which was less of a hit.

In fact, it ended in some tears.

Jack isn't quite the daredevil free spirit that his cousin is. But Johnny greeted him with a big hug while his brother Hank looked on.

Baseball twins!!

Our visit to John's was cut short because Jack decided he needed a nap...like now. So we went home and he took a two hour nap. Then there was a little jacuzzi time at my parents house.

The kid seems to really like the pool. After that we went to my a barbecue at my friend Leigh's house where there were so many babies and kids. Of course I forgot my camera so there are no pics. After a few hours we returned home with an exhausted son. Since we didn't bring our little bathtub that he goes in every night, Jack got treated to his first shower, courtesy of his daddy.

He was somewhat confused by the experience and I think missed his bath.

The next morning we headed back to LA at 6am to avoid traffic and make the drive as short as possible for Jack. It worked and he didn't cry too much. Especially since John and I sang camp songs almost continuously for two hours. All in all, a successful and fun weekend!


  1. y'all are veteran travelers now--way to go!

  2. Seriously - that's a lot of driving, but I'm glad that Jack is getting used to it. I love all the pictures (especially that sandbox photo - the expression is great) and Jack's cousins are adorable!

  3. how have i not noticed your rapunzel locks?? i imagine it's not your ideal, but it looks so pretty. :-)

  4. Ah! I wish I was there to see them meet!!

  5. Stoppin in from Jenna's.

    Great photos! Jack is an adorable little man and will be a heart breaker! The cousins are also very cute boys. Looks like you all had a great time!!