Saturday, July 9, 2011

Today Jack is...20 weeks old.

This week was filled with lots of ups and downs with the little guy. I mean, the ups are obvious...take a look at that face up there. He continues to get cuter by the day. Yesterday we met with our little baby group that meets weekly at the park. The little guy was very well behaved this week and smiled at the other babies. It was super cute. He can't roll around on the picnic blanket yet like some of the other kids, but I don't's easier to keep track of him. And last night we went to a little community thing our town was having. "Town" as if we don't live in LA. But, to be specific, it was Burbank's 100 year anniversary and the city threw, as they advertised it, "the party of the century".

Couldn't stop staring at the live band in the background

I discovered it's hard to take pictures of my son when I'm wearing him on my chest. But I tried. He seriously loved the live bands and was enthralled by all the people. It was cute. And he hung in there even though it was 90 degrees and his bedtime!

Of course, the "downs" of the week really only include one thing - Sleep. Truthfully, I know everyone is tired of hearing about Jack's sleep. I don't blame you. But I like to blog about it now and then so I have a record of what was happening at his different ages. I had read about 4 month regression but the little guy is doing that to the nth degree. He wakes up every 45 minutes to an hour and it takes almost 45 minutes to calm him down and get him back to sleep. For those of you doing the math, that adds up to very little sleep for baby, mom, and dad. It's bad enough that we're not getting enough sleep, but I'm really worried about Jack because he actually needs sleep. To, you know, make his brain grow and stuff. My brain is already as big as it's going to get. In fact, it's starting to shrink I think so I have been able to survive on 3 hours a night or so. But he needs sleep. So not sure what we're going to do...

But back to the cuteness factor. He started making this face this week and it's adorable. I think he's just discovering his tongue and jaw and lips and it makes me laugh every time he does it. Which is often.

Okay, and now, more pics from this week!

Wake Forest onesie courtesy of Aunt Julie


  1. Wow, Jack is a cutie. The pic of him in the green shirt is ADORABLE. Like really - he is a VERY handsome little man! I'm so sorry to hear about his sleep troubles. I don't know how you are making it, mama! I do hope it gets better. I wish I had some advice for you. We have daytime sleep troubles, so I really can't help much! The things that work for us at night are loud white noise, swaddling, patting on the butt or chest, overnight or 12 hour diapers!, this glowing seahorse that plays music, etc.. we have tricks but who knows if they'd work for Jack. Here's hoping it gets better for you soon!

  2. Lisa! I meant to comment during your comment challenge…I must say I love your blog (guess I’m just a sucker for adorable baby pics and Jack is sooo adorable). I’ve gotta come by and meet him some day! Glad he liked the concert. If he likes live music you should take him to Open Borders up in Thousand Oaks (if it’s not past his bedtime). Daniel Johnston is performing in a couple weeks (I think Arvin and I are going to try to make it). I figured you and John were fans since Jack is often sporting a Daniel Johnston onesie (also adorable).

  3. Hello from Australia! Visiting from Jenna's challenge...How cute is your little man :) I have a 5.5 month old as well as two older kiddies but new baby boy has brought back the joy of having a baby in the house again, watching him grow and explore his world is extremely entertaining as you know!! Wow! Burbank? We love LA, have been over twice now...Have a great day!!