Saturday, July 23, 2011

Today Jack is...22 weeks old.

We are fast approaching his 1/2 year birthday which is very exciting and somewhat unbelievable. Jack keeps getting cuter and more interesting every week. I have to say that he is much improved from the 3 month age. I like this age MUCH better. We can go places, he can stay awake a little longer, and he's full of smiles.

With this new freedom, we've gone out more which has been fun. We went out to lunch a few times this week where he was as fascinated with ketchup as his mom.

We went to our local library to check it out. It has a really neat children's wing with a big artificial oak tree in the middle that Jack loved. The little guy is really into books so he liked it.

As you saw earlier in the week, he found his tongue so it was sticking out for a good part of each day. I don't know if he's officially teething, but his hands are constantly in his mouth. Or his rings or toys, etc.

This week my cousin Alison visited from New Jersey and Jack loved her. It was fun to hang out and so happy that Jack is slowly meeting my east coast relatives. :)

Jack's 5 month doctor's appointment is next week so I'll have his official measurements then, but we think his legs seem super long. He's pretty skinny so it just accentuates his long legs.

And now, more pics from the week!

Nuzzling up with cousin Ali

Enjoying dad's rock n' roll jams

Beating the heat in the pool

Picnic in the park with daddy

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  1. I really love that photo with the ketchup bottle :) Jack's expressions are the best!