Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Things to Do in LA with a Baby: Griffith Park

Staying at home with Jack is really fantastic but, of course, the days can be long. I've found that he does best when I take him out and tire him out a bit. So I've been researching things to do in LA and keeping a list handy of all the places we can go each week. The little guy is a bit young for almost everything but he seems to just enjoy looking at things so off we go. Last week it was time for Griffith Park.

In my ten years of living here, I really haven't explored the park at all. Really ridiculous since it's about 5 minutes from my house and 4,200 acres. But I knew there was a little miniature train there that I thought Jack might like. So we headed on over. For a whopping $2.50 I boarded the little train with him and watched as his head darted around, trying to figure out what was going on.

I really thought it was going well. He seemed interested, he enjoyed the little engineer guy with the train hat who pulled the train whistle, and he looked at everything as we pulled away.

Then of course, the train started moving. And moving some more. And a little faster. Then this face.

And then after I took this I had to put the camera away because he was crying and scared and I had to comfort him. Poor guy. I pulled him out of the Bjorn and just held him which seemed to help. I think in a few months (or maybe weeks) he'll enjoy it more. Besides, he never likes things the first time.

After a brief look at the pony rides that are next to the train, we decided to head up to the Griffith Observatory. I say "we" only because I could tell that Jack fully supported my decision to visit the observatory that I had never been to. What an awesome location and vista point. Well, maybe I should say that I'm sure the view is great after a rainstorm. On a hot summer day when it's 95 degrees, the smog just sort of sits over Los Angeles and makes it difficult to see anything.

The little guy tried his hardest to see our house from the top of the mountain but I don't think he quite made it out.

While I enjoyed the view, I think Jack liked the other kids the most. This is his typical reaction to any public place. Doesn't matter what kind of amazing attractions a place offers, Jack would rather stare at the toddlers running around. So we plopped down on the front lawn and he checked out the scene. I love how excited he looks to see other little kids.

By the way, some of the nicest grass I've ever sat on. Obviously Jack loved how soft it was too.

So Jack has officially checked out the famous Griffith Observatory. Can't wait to head back when he's a little older. Or after a rainstorm so we can actually see the view of the city.

And my reward for all of this running around in ridiculous heat? A very tired and tuckered out little boy who passed out on the car ride home. Too bad too because he missed seeing one of my favorite shows shooting in the park. But he sure looked cute.


  1. Wow Lisa, I loved this post because we have been to Griffith Observatory and loved it! A picture of it hangs in a frame on a wall in our house. It was the most awesome view of LA, very informative (great grass!) And not to forget where James Dean filmed Rebel Without a Cause. I can't believe you live so close!! We had such a hard time finding our way in to drive up the hill lol, probably drove past your house in a desperate attempt of reaching the Observatory!! And, you must live SO close to the Hollywood sign!! Great vantage spot for pics...oh I miss it. I miss the adventure and the fun we had. I love it so much over there...

  2. Glad you and little Jack had a lovely (hot) day together!! P.S. Were you the only ones on the train? :)

  3. Kerry, too bad I didn't know you when you were here! I hope you had fun. LA isn't the greatest city for tourists...

  4. And, no, there were other kids on the train. We were just in back. But on a weekday when it was 100 degrees, it wasn't crowded. I wonder why... :)

  5. Well we will be back, it's the only place we ever want to go on holidays to!!
    It certainly was an eye opener and a lil scary the first trip but by the second trip we were old pros lol.
    We drove ALL over and crammed so much in...I will do a post with some of our photos :)