Monday, October 17, 2011

Things to Do in LA with Kids: Underwood Farms

This past weekend we headed out to Underwood Farms which is about 45 minutes outside of LA. I had heard it was the place to go for Halloween pumpkin festivities but, with the long drive, I almost skipped it. Thank goodness we didn't because this place was AMAZING. So much more than a pumpkin patch. And one of the neatest places I've been to in LA. Of course, the entire time I was thinking how much Jack will enjoy this place in a year or two but, still, we had a ton of fun. And our friends the Lynns were there and made it even more fun. I apologize for all the was so hard to stop snapping away!

First I had to get the little guy dressed in his best Halloween outfit. I think he looks pretty cute.

He napped on the way out to the Farm and awoke to some overwhelming sights including about 1000 kids and their parents, animals of every kind (ponies, pigs, ducks, alpacas, emus, etc.), hay rides, tractors, a corn maze, and, of course, a giant pumpkin patch. First we hit up the giant haystack pyramid.

Attempting to climb up the pyramid

Family photo!

Us with Kevin, Stacey, and adorable Violet

After that we headed over to the pig races. Yup, pig races.

Truthfully I think my husband was more excited than Jack. Jack seemed far more interested in the other kids and the trees than the actual pigs. Note that he's turning away from the races.

He started crying once his daddy started cheering way to loudly for "his pig" so we had to go ahead to another sight.
Next we just wandered around to all of the animal exhibitions and the little guy was just overwhelmed as he took it all in. So many things to see!

It was right about when I noticed that Jack looked like this (tired and stoned) that I realized he was probably hungry. Well, that look on his face and him diving repeatedly towards my chest.

Luckily, John was happy to feed him a bottle which he blissfully devoured.

With some new energy, we walked around and saw more of the sights.

Giant pumpkins!

A house made of pumpkins!

Finally it was time for the main event...Pumpkins! Or rather, a photo opportunity for the parents who wanted that adorable photo of their baby sitting among pumpkins. I have to say, I more than captured this moment. Here are a few photos (or a ton of photos).

It as a great day. Can't wait to go back when he's older so he can run around all the underground tunnels, climb on the miniature train, and ride the ponies. We found out that Underwood is open all year round so maybe we'll go back for Christmas. :) Either that or the special November event - a Civil War Battle Reenactment. The biggest one west of the Mississippi!

**I just realized Jack looks pissed in most of these photos. He really did have was just ridiculously hot and super bright. And mom forgot his shades.


  1. Ah, I love all of these photos!! What a fun trip!

  2. That place looks awesome - I wish we could take Simon out there. I love the pictures :)

  3. such a great photo series! i can't believe how much that place exceeded my expectations. it's only going to get better as the kids get bigger!