Saturday, October 8, 2011

Today Jack is...33 weeks old.

Jack had a lot of fun with all his toys this week. His big toys. He is loving his walker.

He can go backwards in it very well but is still working on going forwards. He is also still enjoying the jumperoo. He bounces and bounces all day.

Then this week we got a swing that we hung from a tree in our front yard. He loves the swings at the park so we thought this would go over well and, man, it certainly did.

He squeals in delight...the higher and harder I swing him, the louder he laughs. As for movement, nowadays when I take my eyes off of him, I look back and he's in a totally different place. He's not crawling. But what he is doing is scooting backwards, rolling all over, spinning in circles and, within the last couple of days, usually all his energy and grunting and struggling and inching forward. It's pretty comical to watch just because he's trying so hard. I also left him today sitting in his crib and I came back and he was standing up. So that happened.

This week we also had our first successful restaurant high chair experience. We went to a super super casual restaurant (no waiters) and the little guy sat in the wooden high chair for the first time. He picked at my steamed vegetables but mostly just dropped them onto the floor one by one. At the end of the meal I was extremely grateful that we hadn't gone to an actual nice establishment where I couldn't have picked all of his veggies off the tile floor. But it was a good start.

And now, more pics from the week!

Testing out his "new" hand-me-down stroller

Another trip to the Americana

Enthralled by the fountain

Updating his Facebook page


  1. Wow! Standing up! Moving around! At least he's giving you fair warning to babyproof.

  2. facebook? jack, just say no! ;)