Saturday, October 15, 2011

Today Jack is...34 weeks old.

Halloween season is here and I am trying to make the most of it. Sure, Jack has no idea what the holiday is about but I'm trying to get some great photo ops. Isn't that one of the perks of having a baby? The pic above is from his first Halloween get-together. Then later in the week we went to a Halloween party with about 30 two and three year olds running around and acting like maniacs. Well, I should say the boys were running around breaking things and screaming and going wild. The girls were just playing on the swings and making art at the craft table. I am so terrified of having an insane toddler boy. But I suppose that's inevitable. Until then, Jack and the other 6 immobile babies hung out on the picnic blanket looking cute. My little puppy dog...

This week was ridiculously hot again and Jack figured out how to beat the 100 degree temperatures...jump in the pool!

Day after day he would lead me over to the pool with his tottering steps then sort of sit down on the edge and slide in. He thought it was the funniest and coolest thing ever. I hope this kid continues to love the pool. Here's John holding him back so he doesn't dive off the high ledge.

In development news, Jack is getting more stable on his feet and is pretty good at holding on to tables and chairs. He is desperately trying to crawl but no forward motion yet. (And that's okay with me!) He still hasn't gotten the hang of his sippy cup but he's pretty good at drinking out of a regular cup. Of course, I have to hold it but still...progress!

Somehow this past weekend John and I managed to escape for a very long time to attend a wedding. It was the first time we'd gotten dressed up since we became parents and I think we cleaned up pretty good. Of course, after 7 months of wearing flip flops and sneakers, 8 hours in high heels was pretty damn painful.

And now, more pics from the week!

Showing off the cut he gave himself on his cheek. Mommy needs to trim his nails more often.

It's a plane!

"Handsome like Daddy" indeed.

He discovered the remote. It's all over.

Showing off how far he can move without actually crawling.

Me and my little puppy dog.


  1. He is totally adorable in that puppy dog suit! I also love that picture of him looking up at the plane :)

    And that's a great picture of you and John. We've yet to attempt a joint absence from the boys for any length of time (which is too bad, because otherwise I could have gone to see Les Mis with Dan and the students last night at the Kennedy Center).

  2. You guys are gorgeous!! I love all the pics and I bet you felt so good all dressed up xo