Saturday, October 22, 2011

Today Jack is...35 weeks old.

What a week! I have to say I'm glad it's over because the little guy has been up and down. Not sure if it's teething (my favorite excuse for fussiness) or the fact that I think he tweaked his ankle a little. Anyways, he had some not so great moments but he also had some adorable ones. (I'm choosing to highlight the adorable ones.)

He is certainly desperately trying to become mobile. He doesn't know if he should be crawling or walking but he wants to GO! He squirms out of my arms and constantly wants to be on the ground, practicing walking. And on his tummy, he grunts and strains to attempt to make forward progress.

He still can't go forward but he can roll, spin, and go backwards so he sort of ends up where he wants to go. He's also completely outgrown his bouncy seat because this is what he does every time:

It's been a little bit chillier here so we've broken out the socks. Of course, with all of his "walking", he socks get super muddy and stained in the grass. So I purchased his first pair of soft little shoes. I think he liked them...or at least loved the scratchy noise they make on the brick patio.

We also got to bust out some of his warmer clothes. Yay for cute hoodies! And the triumphant return of the Spidey long sleeve shirt!

The kid is still a great eater. I didn't realize that he was eating so much until a few moms expressed their disbelief about how much he can take down. He'll eat 3 baby food jars (12 ounces) no problem. Apparently that's a lot for a tiny stomach of a tenth percentile kid.

Also this week, to record it for posterity, he really does seem to be able to communicate a tiny bit. Of course I already mentioned the book thing where he'll sit down in front of a book and clearly wait for me to read it. And then want me to read it again. He'll also do his sitting move at the pool's edge (mom, now I want to go in the pool) and in front of John's guitar (mom, play this as good as daddy). The little guy also clearly knows what "light" means. He'll wake up from a nap and I'll say, "Okay, I'm going to turn on the light" and his head whips up to the overhead light and he waits for it to turn on. He also knows what "home" is I think and gets excited when we pull up into our driveway. Anyways, I know it's not extraordinary but it's still so cool.

And now more pics from the week!

Making flirting eyes at his friend Abigail during playgroup

Making his model pose

Pensive. Very pensive.

A weak moment when I was very tired of bending over to help him walk all week.


  1. picking a favorite among these gems is impossible. i'm dying over the "jeans" that are featured in a few shots here, including the model pose. jack really should model, so i'm glad you're training him early. i also admire the ingenious use of the scarf - wish i had thought of that months ago!

  2. yeah I totally second the scarf idea. Genius. And seriously, could your kid get any cuter??? We are dying of the cuteness!