Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Baby proofing

Our little guy is on the move and he's into everything. Of course. Just like every other crawling baby. We've done pretty well with moving the super dangerous stuff out of reach and putting the little padded corners on the coffee table and fireplace. But while I don't want him to get hurt, it's pretty funny how much joy he gets out of everything. He's obsessed with the curtains and can't play peek-a-boo with me by hiding behind them which is pretty awesome.

He loves the fireplace and heads towards it every chance he gets.

He can crawl up the step as well as use it to stand up which is pretty cool. I think he knows it's one of those off-limit places though. And he doesn't care.

He loves crawling to his high chair and grabbing the leg and moving it across the tile. Anything with a loud grating noise or bang is a plus in his book.

This foot stool never stood a chance.

He loves the remote control but that's not surprising.

And he ADORES the cable box and the receiver that sit below the TV right at his eye level as he crawls around.

He uses them to stand up as well which is pretty amazing. So it's hard to tell him to get away from those things. Not that he would listen. Besides, there are no wires exposed so he can't really do much damage. The little guy is getting more and more mobile every day.


  1. WOW. He really is mobile! I love these pictures - it's amazing to see him moving around the house. That cast definitely isn't holding him back. And I love that picture of him in the box!

    I'm really hoping that Linus holds off until we move so that we can start from scratch with the baby proofing, although we still have the foam corners on our coffeetable from when we babyproofed for Simon. He wasn't ever in danger of hitting his head since he was so cautious, but he used to chew on the foam all the time (you can still see some bite marks).

  2. What a cute idea for a post! Liam is doing all the same things (except the fireplace, I'm in Australia afterall lol)
    Jack is adorable, seriously :)

  3. I love this. Jack is so cute and I love how inquisitive he is! He looks like he is enjoying exploring all in his world.

  4. i'm kind of sorry i didn't ever get a pic of violet raiding your liquor "cabinet."

  5. Our childproofing horror story...So those childproof medicine bottles? They're only childproof if you properly close them and DON'T let your kid use them as a rattle.