Friday, November 18, 2011

Five for Friday: Things on my Wish List

Here are the things I've currently saving up for. Beware, they aren't exactly fun items. In fact, now that I look them over, man, I am boring.

My top 5 Things on my Wish List:

5. Touchless dual trash and recycling can - Most of you know we have a touchless trash can in our kitchen and it's awesome. But how much more awesome would be trash AND recycling cans? It would certainly help me recycle more.

4. Real Simple magazine - I read this magazine every time I see it in a waiting room or someone's house. It just seems to have great recipes and great ideas for the home.

3. Tripod for my camera - After trying to take a family Christmas picture this year by balancing my camera on some books that were on a stool that was on a couch, I'm thinking a tripod might be helpful.

2. LA Zoo Annual Membership - The zoo is literally 8 minutes from our house and it's such a great place to go on the weekdays to just walk around. There are lots of trees and bushes for Jack to look at and I can only assume that one day soon he will be excited about the animals. Plus they have this "couple" membership pass that allows the member plus a guest every time.

1. UPPAbaby Vista Stroller - Okay, this stroller is ridiculously expensive but it's also on sale for $200 off. The stroller we have right now is kind of weird because it won't let me sit Jack upright. So he's always reclined back and trying to sit up to peer out. And it's sort of low and the Uppa sits the kid up high. Plus you can buy an attachment for a second child to sit or stand. And, no, I'm not pregnant. I just think it's a cool stroller.


  1. I love your list. I'd put everything on my list, too, except for Real Simple (just because thanks to you, I spend way too much time looking at lifestyle porn on Pinterest already).

    So, here's my list of things I'm saving for:

    5. The Anthropologie Hampden Peacoat. No, I don't need ANOTHER coat. But this one is just so awesome.
    4. Waffle maker. Somehow, I think I'll actually make waffles if I have a waffle maker.
    3. New, better espresso machine. Except doing research to figure out which one to buy is discouraging.
    2. An iPod to replace my old white iPod that finally seems to have died. Oh, and all the music that I lost when it stopped working.
    1. Set of copper cookware. Unlikely to happen, but a girl can dream....

  2. I'm not actually actively saving for most of these, but they are definitely the things I would most like to have.
    5. A new microwave. Ours is fine but it was a hand-me-down and I'm sure that they are better models out there.
    4. A fancier coffee maker. Again, ours is fine but John and I both like the one America's Test Kitchen likes, even though you can't program it in advance.
    3. The UPPAbaby Vista. Right there with you, Lisa. Somehow I think I would take Paul on daily walks if I had that stroller.
    2. The table from Crate and Barrel that matches our Kipling hutch. Sadly, I don't think it would fit very well in the apartment.
    1. A 27-inch iMac. I'm tired of the tiny screen on my laptop.

  3. Taryn, that's so funny...I almost put waffle maker since we don't have one either and it seems like a mandatory thing when you have kids. And Becca, I hear you on the stroller. It's just so nice!

  4. You know, my dad bought a waffle maker a long time ago and we all thought he was crazy, but he uses it all the time on weekends and special brunch occasions.

    And all I have to say about the stroller is that I probably shouldn't have spent the money on my Craigslist bugaboo, but I swear I use it more because I actually just enjoy using it. (Though every time it rains I still haul out the old Graco tank because I don't need an extra rain cover to use it and keep Linus dry.)

  5. Hahaha on the tripod thing, that's funny!
    Nothing like improvising :)
    So how does the trash can open?