Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Jack's 1st Halloween

Jack and I had a great Halloween. I started the day by dressing him in his "My First Halloween" onesie because, well, no need to state the obvious.

We then got to work carving our pumpkin. He sat on my lap while I did a very basic pumpkin. It was about all I could muster. But he seemed pleased.

Aunt Leslie came over to check out our handiwork. And to get a pic with the cutest kid ever.

And she helped by taking a picture of mom and son.

Jack humored me while I took a lot of pictures of him because I just thought he looked adorable. And he was just so excited to be hanging out in the doorway, waiting for trick-or-treaters.

Then it was time to get dressed and, man, it was hard not to eat him up he was so darn cute.

Luckily, John was able to get off work early so he could make it home in time for the festivities. Jack was super pleased.

Right around his bedtime, we put him in the car and whisked him away to the "popular" neighborhood for trick-or-treating. It was only about a mile or two away but there were a TON of kids there. Which is all he really wanted to see anyways. At one particularly festive house, Fozzie the Muppet greeted Jack and I think he liked it.

There were a lot of super decorated houses and he seemed to take it all in.

John made it his goal to have Jack grab candy himself out of bowls and he succeeded. Very quickly Jack discovered how to grab a candy and, miraculously, he even managed to drop it in his candy bag one time. Most people loved seeing the adorable tiger and only one grumpy old woman made a comment about his parents collecting candy for themselves. Yeah, I get it, he doesn't eat candy. We're just doing it for fun.

Towards the end he was rubbing his eyes and making a move to breastfeed and fall asleep so we packed the tired boy back in the car and headed home. He was wiped out but I think it was a successful first Halloween!


  1. A+ Halloween. And cutest Tigger ever! (And there was some serious competition with sibling Tiggers on our block.)

  2. omg a muppet greeted you! i can't believe we missed out on that. next year baby!

    stating the obvious, but these pics are crazy cute.

  3. I think it's wonderful you took little Jack out trick or treating, regardless of the grumpy old woman and her opinions!! Of course you're going to take candy, it's all part of it :)
    He is adorable!! Glad you had fun xo