Friday, December 16, 2011

Five for Friday: Christmas Traditions

I realize there are a lot of Christmas lists so I apologize. But I'm looking for new Christmas traditions to start with Jack. I have found that different families did all different neat things around the holidays. I mom I just talked to had a neat one...instead of an Advent calendar they countdown in books. She wraps 24 Christmas themed books and labels the numbers on them and each night they open one and read it. Thought that was kind of cute. Anyways, here are mine...what are yours?

Top 5 Christmas Traditions

5. Leaving out cookies and milk for Santa...and carrots for the reindeer!

4. Had to be after 6am and parents had to have a cup of coffee in hand. Now that I'm a mom I appreciate that one.

3. Stockings first - ALWAYS. Then presents.

2. Picture in front of the Christmas tree in pajamas on Christmas morning. Not so fun when you're the kid but you better believe I'm going to make Jack do that every year.

1. And perhaps a new tradition... our neighborhood has a Christmas Caroling truck every Christmas Eve. It was so amazing last year that I told John we had to do it every year that we're in town.

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  1. nice! my family has 3, 4 and 5 in common with yours! like it.

    here are some of our others:

    5. visiting the big tree at hotel del coronado
    4. pumpkin muffins and baked apple slices after presents
    3. decorating the house the weekend after thanksgiving, including two trees and an intense "village" filled with all of the reject ornaments (like one-eyed winnie the pooh, who enjoys shoeless ice-skating on the "pond")
    2. decorating sugar cookies (among other cookie baking) and each overdoing one of the tree shape (the biggest) with heaps of frosting and candy, and then devouring it
    1. late-night christmas eve drive down christmas card lane to see the lights (sorry about the neighborhood traffic, taryn!)