Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Today Jack is...44 weeks old.

Okay, so technically he's not 44 weeks old today but I am a little behind with this post. So here are some pictures from his 44th week (before Christmas).

It was a full week because Jack's Grammy and Pop-Pop arrived from Pennsylvania. He was overjoyed that he had people to entertain him besides boring old mom. There was a lot of crawling, some sliding, and some rocking.

There was also a date with his favorite girlfriend, Violet. They seemed to have some good times playing piano and hiding under the kitchen island.

Daddy started his Christmas vacation a little early and got some quality time with the boy. Jack seems super interested in John's guitar every time he plays...I think he has high hopes for a musician son.

In development news, he is moving all over the place still. Getting good at his walker and can cruise all over as long as there is something to hold onto. He seems to understand a lot of what I'm saying, even if he still doesn't talk to us. He has taken an interest in brushing his teeth which is really cute. Not sure how much good he's actually doing but it sure is cute.

And now, more pics from the week!


  1. Great post Lisa! I love him brushing his teeth!

  2. Such great pics of little Jack!! He keeps getting cuter with every post, how is that possible!!
    He's growing up Lisa, and loads of fun by the looks of it :)