Saturday, December 31, 2011

Today Jack is...45 weeks old.

45 weeks old! Man, that is dangerously close to one year old. We had such a jam-packed week. Obviously I have a lot of Christmas pictures but I'm saving them for a Christmas post. (I promise I'll get to it soon.) So this post will be full non-Xmas photos. In the pic above, Jack is playing with John's amp, one of his favorite toys.

This week the little guy has been so amazing. So cute and full of smiles and laughter. He is having a ton of fun with his daddy who is off from work. One night we spent 45 minutes, just the three of us, playing with the kitchen door. Jack is so amused by the act of closing and opening the door and playing peekaboo. We laughed and laughed and he furiously crawled back and forth opening and closing. He was so proud of himself.

Pretty good standing, right? He also stands all day and pushes around everything he can move.

He's also become obsessed with our broom which he loves to play with outside.

And now, more pics from the week! Though these pics are all from our first family trip to the zoo yesterday. What a fun time!

Tried to put the little guy in the stroller but he cried his head off after two minutes so into daddy's arms he went.

He loved every waterfall we encountered

Making friends with the monitor lizard

He pretty much waved hi to everything. Here he is waving hi to the giraffes.

And waving hi to the other kids (who couldn't have cared less).

Getting very very tired at the end of the visit...

And asleep by the time we reached the exit.

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