Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Turn the Page

So I realize that this picture is similar to Sunday's picture. Sorry. I am somewhat sleep deprived these days and trying to get some Christmas stuff done in the two hours between when I put Jack down and when I go to bed. So hopefully I'll be able to keep up with the blogging. Because I know that all 4 of my readers will be disappointed if I don't post things. :-)

Anyways, the big news lately is that our little guy has learned how to turn the page when we're reading a book. And not just crazily turn backward and forward and close the whole book. No, he really can listen to me read the page, wait for the pause, and then turn the page. It's pretty amazing. I say "turn the page" and BAM, it happens. I couldn't have imagined how crazy this whole "communication" thing would be. It really seems like a miracle when you start from scratch. 'Scratch' being a blob that can sit or stand or understand words. But he knows so many words now. Can't wait to see what he learns next.


  1. What a lovely post - the communication thing is, as you describe, really amazing. I'm still totally amazed constantly when I smile at Linus and he smiles back at me. Of course, with Simon, I tend to take it for granted now that we can communicate (esp. when the exchanges are something like: "Can you clean up your room?" "Well...I wasn't really feeling like that.....") but I'm still totally amazed that he can read. It never really stops - how surprising and fun all of this is.