Friday, January 13, 2012

Five for Friday: Favorite Websites

Top 5 websites that I check every day:

(I'm going to exclude my friends blogs because that would take up the entire list...but I do read them every day.)

5. Go Fug Yourself - This is one of my favorite blogs. Written by two women in LA, they write fun and smart blurbs on celebrity fashion. Basically my dream job.

4. - Probably my favorite mommy blog.

3. Perez Hilton - Pretty embarrassed about this one but I need my daily dose of celebrity gossip.

2. Gawker - It's a nice smattering of news from a wide variety of topics and written with just the right amount of snark.

1. Pajiba - Movie reviews, lists, entertainment trade news...and awesome writers who clearly are exactly the same age as me because they reference all the same ridiculous things that I love from my childhood.

What are your five?


  1. i really wanted to lie to avoid showcasing my rapidly advancing grannyness, but here are the top 5:

    3. (i don't know how i ended up with this as my primary celeb gossip site, especially with its heavy bikini photo focus - i think i just like the parody writing as much as the actual "news")

  2. "rapidly advancing grannyness": Stacey, I love you.
    3. Tom and Lorenzo
    2. New York Magazine
    1. NPR