Monday, January 23, 2012

Food update

Just a little food update to put on the books. Jack is a pretty adventurous eater in that he'll try anything once. And he likes most things. His current favorites are chicken, turkey, sausage, and basically any kind of meat. His favorite fruits are bananas and oranges but he also likes cantaloupes, strawberries, and blueberries. I'm trying to give him more dairy and I'm sort of succeeding. He doesn't like string cheese or yogurt but cheddar is okay. I've tried cottage cheese but he thinks it's really weird. (isn't it?) Other things he eats... Butternut squash, hummus, black beans, broccoli, apples, and prunes. Foods he hates? Peas and carrots. Just like mommy.

But his favorite is bolani. What is bolani? Well, from Wikipedia, it's a vegan flat-bread from Afghanistan baked with a vegetable filling. We get it at the farmer's market every Sunday from the nice Afghan lady. His favorite is the spinach filling but he also likes the pumpkin filling. He eats it by the handful! And I really mean a handful because his pincher grasp is pretty poor. :)


  1. I have to say, I'm impressed by Jack's palate. (In fact, he probably eats a wider variety of fruit than I do.) I'm also now intrigued by bolani. It sounds absolutely delicious.

    Also, I still can't believe you don't like peas and carrots. Not that I'm judging you - I just can't believe I never knew this about you before Jack was born.

  2. i can vouch for the deliciousness of bolani. even violet likes them. at the farmers market this past weekend, i saw a woman who had torn open her pack of two big spinach ones and was eating them like a hoagie. it stopped me in my tracks with its craziness!