Saturday, January 21, 2012

Today Jack is...48 weeks old.

More cuteness this week and the little guy gets more and more mischievous. He is into everything. Nothing is safe. Every day he pulls out all the towels and cookie pans and tupperware and every night I put it all away. Sort of a defeating exercise.

More than anything, he loves to be outside at the park. I try to take him at least every other day. He loves being in the sand, he loves going down the slide, he loves the swings, and he loves crawling like lightning to the nearest big kid. Luckily we've happened upon some really lovely 3, 4, and 5 year olds. One boy this past week played peek-a-book with him and then played dead so Jack could crawl all over him.

The kid is curious. Many moms remarked in our play group that Jack certainly is an active adventurer. Their kids were content sitting in one place in the grass or the sand and my son was sprinting from one end of the park to the other. He also loves getting dirty. LOVES it. I don't even try to resist because I know he'll win every time.

His room is covered in sand from when I take off his shoes and forget that they're filled with the stuff. He loves climbing all over the playground equipment and I think he thinks he's pretty hot stuff because he can hang with the older kids.

My husband thinks this looks like a JC Penney ad...
when is this kid going to start bringing in money?!

He's eating so many foods and I'm really happy about that. I'm trying to give him more dairy so he's eating cottage cheese and cheddar cheese. He doesn't like yogurt so we'll work on that. More than anything he likes meat. Chicken, turkey, sausage...he wants it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Luckily he also loves fruit so I try to balance it out. John gave him a cucumber the other day and it started out well...and then deteriorated.

I'm extremely happy that he loves the bath so much because it's such a nice way to unwind and calm him down after a long day. He loves playing with his bath toys and can't wait to dive into the water.

This past weekend Jack took his girl friend (girlfriend?!) Violet to his favorite indoor play area. I'm not sure what's going on between these two but I think he's a little too young for her.

And now, more pics from the week!

Sitting in one of his favorite spots, his fireplace throne.

Jack's first carousel ride...Sorry the picture isn't very good, I had to hold on to him for dear life. Who doesn't put safety harnesses on a carousel?!

Excited to see the gorillas at the zoo

Pulling out daddy's Replacements album

Obligatory swing shot.


  1. It's so fun to see his personality emerging. Mijo was also an explorer. He eventually wouldn't even stay at the playground and I never got to talk with the moms anymore. Now we meet in people's houses.

  2. Great pictures Lisa, I loved them all!! I never tire of pics of your little guy. Liam is into everything too so I know just how busy you are nowadays :)