Saturday, January 28, 2012

Today Jack is...49 weeks old.

This week Jack and I got to do a lot of fun things (as usual). The big news is that he has a new stroller that he seems to really like.

I know he doesn't look super happy in that picture but that's because he's mesmerized by the seals at the zoo. I found an Uppababy Vista stroller on Craigslist for an awesome deal so I went for it. He loves sitting straight up and much higher and can hang on to that bar.

Prior to the new purchase, we had a play date with one of my favorite moms and her son who is the same age as Jack. They were nice enough to patiently stand by while we filled up our frozen yogurt cups.

Jack definitely enjoyed being with his bud.

This week was full of more exploring and getting into things. He can now lift up the toilet seat as well as flush so that's fun. It's pretty exciting that he's learned how to climb stairs so well but also to climb back down feet first. He used to just dive off the step and cry when he fell. But now he's learning!

It was really warm this week (80 degrees) so Jack got to play outside a lot. He truly LOVES the backyard. I let him out the door and he runs wild, crawling from one end of yard to the other. Which is a long distance if you know my yard. He starts on the one side with the trashcans which he seems to really enjoy.

And here he is picking lemons off our tree.

And studying the trees.

Oddly, after I saw this photo I thought of Wyeth's Christina's World

He loves playing outside so much that I've got to start researching some outdoor play stuff. Maybe one of those plastic houses with doors or maybe a miniature slide with steps or something. I don't know but I know he would really really love something like that.

He's not walking yet but still cruising on everything. He can stand without holding something pretty well now. He still loves his walker though.

And now more pics from the week!

"Let me into the pool!"

And a little video from our park visit this week. He was a speedster climbing up this one piece of equipment so I wanted to take a video to show his dad. He usually got to the slide and then sat down and waited for me to help him. Of course, the time I chose to record a video, he got a little more adventurous and threw me for a loop at the end.


  1. Great pics Lisa!! Happy 49 weeks little Jack. I just love that pic of him picking lemons off your tree. That is something I could see Liam doing :)
    Not long til he's 1!!!!

  2. Wow there was no stopping him on that slide was there!!! Look at him go!

  3. Fearless little guy! And I agree with Kerry - that lemon tree photo is adorable.

  4. So jealous of the new stroller! I bet it's awesome.