Saturday, February 4, 2012

Today Jack is...50 weeks old.

That's right people...two weeks until his birthday! Amazing. Look at that kid. Quite a handsome boy if you ask me. He was pretty happy this week until yesterday when a serious bout of teething hit. Or at least I think that's what it is. He was so cranky and just keeps jamming his fingers and whole hand to the back of his mouth. I guess his molars might be coming in though I'm not sure how to help him. But it's sort of sad to see him so upset.

But the week wasn't all bad. I find that if I keep him busy, Jack is a happy boy. He really hates just sitting in the house though. So we go out. To the park, to the zoo, to classes, etc.

The zoo is fast becoming our favorite place to pass the time. I just hop on over there for an hour or two to entertain him and tire him out. He loves the seals and is excited he can get right up against the glass.

His balance and strength is getting so good. He can stand unassisted and a few times this week he has taken a step without holding on to something. But I think then he realized that he wasn't holding on and just sat down. That's his usual move when I try to coax him to walk. Just sitting and crawling is so much easier! But he's getting there...

Jack and I have a lot of fun together every day but he has been exhibiting a little bit of separation anxiety. The other day we did a mommy and me class where the moms left for about 30 minutes while teachers watched the kids and I was called back to come get Jack because he was crying inconsolably. It was so sad but I guess he's pretty attached to me since I'm always with him. Soon we'll need to make room for daddy though! He'll be off work for a few weeks and we are so excited to have him home.

The other day I snapped this picture while he was sitting on the pool lounge chair. We haven't just sat there for a long time because he no longer will sit still. He still wasn't pleased that I was making him sit in one place. In fact, he looks pretty pissed and like he's going to kick the crap out of me.

But compare that pic (ignore the frown) to a picture of him from 6 months ago. Amazing. He was such a skinny little dude.

And now more pics from the week!


  1. Better watch out, after all those trips to the zoo.... instead of growing up to be a rock star, he might want to be a veterinarian ! :-)

    1. Well, if he wants to be a vet I'll be sure to send him to his great aunt first so he can hear what it's REALLY like.

  2. TWO WEEKS?! I can't believe it!

    That pissed off look is classic. So much personality in that expression :)

  3. he looks like the hulk in that lounge chair pic. not in the bulked up way. just in the "hulk mad! hulk smash!" facial expression.

  4. i think that expression is just a little foreshadowing for the teen years.

    that pic of him crying about his teeth makes me so sad. hope he is hanging in there!

  5. Ow. Teething is so awful for the little guys. Pedialyte pops and cold teething rings are in constant rotation in our house.