Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Beige foods

Remember when I used to say that Jack was such a good eater? That he'd eat anything? Well, he's going through a phase where he won't eat ANYTHING. Well, nothing that is good for him. The only things he'll currently eat are bread products, cheerios, yogurt, cheese, stupid packaged baby snack puffs/crackers, and, sadly, baby food. I added the baby food back in his diet because he seems to love it and it was the only way I could get him some fruits and veggies. Gone are the days he'd take down a whole banana or carton of blueberries. No more strawberries and grapes. I tried roasted sweet potato and asparagus and they ended up on the ground. Same with eggs. Chicken and turkey? No way. Yup, he pretty much hates everything. And I've tried to do a battle of wills with him. Like eat this because that's all there is and you're not getting anything else for breakfast. Guess who won that battle? Yeah, not me.

Anyways, I'm hoping this is only a phase because he needs to eventually eat some real food.


  1. I'm relieved to hear that it's not just my kid, and that this happens to kids who USED to eat real food. Alice NEVER ate real food and I was at my wits end when all of the sudden, she just started. I don't have any good advice, except that I keep reading how important it is to offer the food we want them to eat (like fruits and veggies). But that's a delicate balance between making it available and ruining their whole meal because they freak out about the one molecule of offending food on their plate...

    We tried the whole "she'll eat when she's hungry" thing and she didn't eat all day and then threw up in her bed overnight because she was hungry. Awesome.

    This blog has helped me adjust my perspective and expectations on feeding (and picky babies/toddlers) and helped me stay sane: http://itsnotaboutnutrition.squarespace.com/

    Hang in there. It will get better!

  2. have i told you about how violet will house things at the farmer's market that she won't touch at the home table? same goes with roasted veggies straight from the tray. i just let them cool down and then hold her while we pick at them over the stove. i use salt. i also sit her on the kitchen counter sometimes and let her eat things there that i know she'll reject once in her proper seat. another trick is that i load up "my plate" with identical offerings and let her eat off it. i've got lots of other tricks i could share, but you have to eschew table manners for those. as you know, i've got much more invested in getting calories into v than i do in teaching table manners at this point. in any case, looking at your list of beige foods that jack will eat, all of those are good for him! :)

  3. Hang in there Lisa, perserverence is the key! They do go through a 'fussy' stage, he probably knows now at this age that there are way better options available to him if he carries on long enough lol they are smart, crafty little things that's for sure!! Don't give up, trust me, if you give in and go down a road you don't really want to, when he is 8 you'll still be having all sorts of troubles with his eating!!
    Stay strong!!!

  4. Man, the eating stuff is frustrating. I totally know what you're going through and even if, worst case, Jack ends up with eating habits like Simon, the good news is that once Simon hit age four, it was smooth sailing. Tonight he ate yaki soba with tofu, carrots, broccoli, yellow squash and zucchini for dinner without even blinking. The secret? Nothing. Just waited it out. For four years. Four years during which he ate mostly crackers, cheese, nuts, dried fruit, bread, and occasionally green beans. But hey, sometimes you have to keep the long game in mind.