Friday, March 16, 2012

Five for Friday: 5 Shows I'm Watching Right Now

My top 5 Shows I look forward to every week:

5. Hart of Dixie

4. Modern Family

3. Community

2. Parks and Rec

1. Luck (only two episodes left) / Game of Thrones (coming back in two weeks!!)


  1. I am so far behind on tv that it's ridiculous. I need to start watching Community - it annoys me that I can't stream the entire series online, or I would have already started (and caught up).

    The only two shows I watch these days with any regularity are Project Runway All Stars and The Colbert Report.

  2. Hmm, do I have five?

    5. Community
    4. The Office
    3. Up All Night
    2. Bethenny Ever After (sad but true)
    1. 30 Rock

  3. Hey Lisa, I've only heard of two of these, of course my fave Modern Family and Parks & Rec.
    I don't watch alot of TV but I am addicted to Modern Family, I love Glee and I have just started watching Revenge :)