Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sea World visit

This post is long overdue but I'm finally getting around to it. While we were in San Diego for Jack's first birthday, my mom and I took Jack to Sea World. He loves the zoo so much that I thought he would enjoy Sea World. I have to say though, I haven't been there in so many years that it wasn't quite what I remembered. I was thinking it was basically a zoo for marine animals but it's more like an amusement park with roller coasters and lots and lots of acreage. Nonetheless, Jack really enjoyed himself.

He sort of sat in stunned silence as we took in the sea lions and seals and turtles. But when we got to the tide pools he lit up. A place to get wet! I barely had time to push up his sleeves before he dove in.

He liked seeing the star fish and the kelp.

But his favorite place in the entire park was the kids area. Sea World has a pretty large area for kids filled with kiddie rides, a play set, things to climb on, etc. The highlight for Jack though was the water fountains. Or maybe fountain isn't the right word. But you know when there is like rubber flooring and holes in the ground where water shoots out periodically? And the kids run through it? Yeah, that's what Jack loved. And when I say loved I mean SQUEALED WITH DELIGHT. First he made me walk through the water with him.

Then he just laughed hysterically as he watched the other older kids run through the water. It was so so cute. I've never seen him laugh so hard when I wasn't trying to make him laugh. Adorable.

And here are some more pics from the visit!

Jack and Grandma

Climbing around the rocks in the aquarium.

Blurry but cute. Feeling the ice wall in the polar bear cave.

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  1. It was a great day. Thanks for hanging out with Grandma. Love you.