Saturday, March 10, 2012

Week in Review - 3/10/12

I mean, how cute is that photo? We got Jack a little tent with an attachable tunnel that he really likes to play in. Yesterday he started playing peekaboo with me and it was pretty darn adorable.

Jack was sick for most of the week which meant he was extra cuddly. The runny nose and grumpiness wasn't fun but the hugs and kisses were pretty cool.

He felt a little better which was good because his Aunt Julie was in town and we decided to hit up the zoo.

While we were at the zoo this little girl took a shining to him and tried to hold his hand. At first he was delighted and then he played hard to get. It was pretty hysterical.

Of course, all the fun tired the little guy out and Aunt Julie was nice enough to let him sleep on her.

He likes sleeping on daddy too...

This week Jack started doing all sorts of crazy little boy things. Or I guess he just seemed to figure so many things out all of a sudden. He loves organizing things and taking things out of drawers and putting them back in. And he loves putting things in containers or baskets.

Yesterday he had a ball taking all of the clean towels out of the dryer and putting them in the laundry basket. He's also started stacking his bath toys and blocks. It's pretty neat. And did I mention that he's walking? Well, not really. Which is why I haven't mentioned it. He will take steps but he's certainly not using walking as his main form of transportation. Mainly he walks to get from one thing to another that he wants. Like pushing the drawer closed.

And now, more pics from the week!

Jack and his friend Violet at the park

Picking flowers

a cold day requires a beanie

his new trick...unraveling every single piece of toilet paper

playing with the train track at Barnes and Noble

Amazed at how fast the train can travel!

sleeping with daddy again

Jack impressed with the flowers that daddy sent mommy


  1. Okay the beanie picture!?! C'mon!!! Death by cuteness :)xo Leigh

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!! Love it :)
    He is just the cutest Lisa xo

  3. That tent is awesome! And he is pretty darn cute. And likes to organize stuff? Ladies, watch out: Jack is the total package.

  4. i'm loving all the nap pictures. no one told me pre-baby how much i'd love watching my kid sleep. i would've thought it was sentimentality talking anyway, i suppose, but man, it's so cute!

  5. Jack was more interested in the little girl than his Aunt Julie! sigh...haha oh well :) pretty stinking cute!!