Saturday, March 24, 2012

Week in Review - 3/23/12

Jack had a good week this week. It's amazing that last Saturday he was barely walking and now he's starting to use it as his main form of transportation. He still falls a lot...when the ground is uneven or when he tries to walk way too fast...but he's doing pretty good. He's also mastered standing up without holding on to anything so he's really coming along. Here's a little video of him walking. Nothing too exciting but you get the idea. (At the beginning he's enjoying the sound his shoes make on the concrete...he loves that.)

His comprehension is really so good that it's astounding to me. He understands when I hand him a piece of trash and tell him to throw it away. He walks over to the trashcan and puts it in. Or when I tell him to put the tupperware back in the drawer, he does it. Or take the clothes out of the dryer and put them in the laundry basket. Magic! This is great! I mean, I assume he'll always listen to me this well and he'll clean up after every mess he makes. How wonderful. The only hiccup we had yesterday is when he couldn't understand why I didn't want him to leave the empty milk carton in the bathroom. He seemed so confused. And hurt that I didn't appreciate that he dragged it all the way there.

He likes standing so much that he now likes to stand up while I read him books. It's pretty cute.

I recently picked up a big truck at a garage sale that he totally loves. He pushes it around outside and he also loves to put things in the bed of the truck. He'll pile everything in, ziploc bags, blocks, baby food containers, etc.

And now, here are some more pics from the week! (including lots of mommy and son!)

Playing in the usual.

"Mom, come on! Keep up!"

Stylin' in his Star Wars shirt

And in case you need a fill of baby laughter, here are two videos from this week.

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  1. I love your "Week in Review". Thanks for sharing. Puts a smile on grandma's face!