Thursday, April 5, 2012


Over the past couple weeks something cool has happened. Jack has started to get excited to see his friends and seem to enjoy his play dates. I mean, it's not all cuteness and rainbows. Some older kids still push him out of the way and then sometimes he steals things from younger kids. But, at his own play group with kids his age, he seems delighted to be around other kids. He answered the doorbell yesterday and when he say his little friend his face lit up with a giant smile. Then when his other friend played piano with him, he was so darn happy.

He shared his toys fairly well and loved showing them how everything worked.

They went outside and he was giggling with joy as he chased the kids around. We have a tunnel out on the lawn and they went through it one after another, chasing each other through it as fast as they could.

When the kids left, one little boy gave Jack a hug and it was adorable.

Jack even reciprocated and tried to hug one of his friends. Turns out that he's not as gentle though and it was more of a standing tackle that ended in tears on the ground. Oh well. It's the thought that counts!

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