Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Train ride

I know I've blogged about this before, but it had been a while since Jack and I visited Travel Town to ride the train. Since before Christmas to be exact. And I wanted to take him to see how a mature almost 14 month old would handle it.

Now that he's a walker, he really loved all the open grassy space as well as the rocks and planters and trees. The picture above is him running through an empty old train car. He was in heaven.

He picked this little bunch of flowers that he just didn't want to part with.

Nope, he decided he'd take them everywhere and it was pretty cute.

When it came time to take an actual train ride, he jumped right in.

Though he couldn't figure out why we had to wait for other people to get on. Not a big fan of waiting.

Of course when the train finally started moving, he was in his riveted, serious, focused mode. Which usually means he likes something but is concentrating to figure it out. Or maybe he was just scared because he held my hand (and leg) the entire time. :)

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  1. That first picture is awesome. I love seeing how little he is - but out there, walking around! Reading your blog makes me really want to come out and visit so that we can do all this fun kid stuff with you.