Monday, April 16, 2012

Trains, Trains, everywhere

Thanks to our friends Stacey and Violet, Jack and I got to ride yet another train while we were in San Diego. At the North County Fair mall there is an awesome little train that runs around the whole shopping center. For $3/person this train provided us with a lot of entertainment. Sadly, I didn't get a lot of great pictures because I was cramped in a tiny miniature train car with Jack and his grandma. For a while I held my camera phone out the window at arm's length but then realized that a) i could hit any number of innocent mall goers with my arm, or, more likely, b) someone could swipe my phone. That left me with this pictures.

I also managed to get a little bit of video. Enjoy!


  1. Yes! That train is the reason why Simon always wants to go to NCF when we're in town.

  2. catching up on commenting and videos, and of course i enjoyed this video immensely. ridiculous cuteness. we've got to hit up the ladybug express at fashion square!