Saturday, April 7, 2012

Week in Review - 4/7/12

Another week, another batch of cute photos. This really is such a great age. He is just so darn adorable. And the coolest thing is that he seems to be learning so much every day. His walking is so much better and he practices walking up steps every day. He can open every door. He knows where to go when I say we are going to get in the car or change his diaper or go in the front yard or do laundry. Yesterday I told him we were going to the store and he left the room and came back with the reusable shopping bag that I take to Vons every time. I mean, COME ON! That's amazing. I'm not saying he's a genius (in fact I'm sure this is quite normal) but damn if it isn't surprising to see him start to understand everything I say. Communicating is great. He can clearly tell me what book he wants to read and what food he wants to eat. He is even finally getting the "all done" sign. Better late than never.

He's in such good spirits too. Everything and anything is hysterical. He giggles and laughs all the time. Playing peekaboo in the tent? Hysterical.

Walking in the baby walker? Sooo funny.

Riding in the front of the shopping cart? "I'm the king of the world!!"

And crawling through the tunnel? Funniest thing he's ever experienced.

Jack definitely loves the freedom that walking brings. His favorite thing is when I put him down or take him out of the stroller and just let him go. He loves it and I love seeing how much he enjoys exploring everything. He's such a curious little guy and it's so cool to watch him. Here he is climbing all over a flat bed cart when I put him down at Home Depot.

Here he is running towards the park. Apparently I wasn't carrying him fast enough.

I put him down at the zoo in this big plaza and this is him before he took off like a shot. Exploring every corner of the plaza and playing with every kid he came across.

And now here's even more pictures from the week...

playing with his friend Violet in his tent

ready for his first swim of 2012

living the good life in southern california

big boy...too big to be carried.

praying to the god of ceiling fans

sleeping like his mommy...hands up!

locking mom out of the house

getting dirty and wet as usual

naked guitar playing time

those bangs might need a trim

absolutely fascinated by the shadows on the floor


  1. What great pics! And I love the Karate Kid shirt :).

  2. I love all these pics Lisa and I love catching up on your week with little Jack :)
    I also really like the pics of you and him at the end, so cute!
    He is growing up so much and now running?! Wow, he's at such a fun stage xo