Saturday, May 12, 2012

Week in Review - 5/12/12


 Another week and, can you believe it? Our little guy is sick again. He's only been healthy for about a week and he's back to being sick. Cold and cough again which means miserable kid and somewhat grumpy parents. But, that being said, he was healthy the first part of the week so we took some cute pictures. This was the week of water...although I'm sure it's just the beginning of the summer of water. We got a sprinkler toy and Jack loves it. And loves getting soaking wet.


 He had some friends over and they seemed to enjoy it too.



 He's a smart one though because he figured out how and where to turn the water on. I kept turning it off (there's only so much flooding my lawn can take) and he kept running over to try to turn it back on.


 It was certainly a week of friends for Jack. He continues to love his little house and shared it with his friends this week.



 The little bugger got better at drinking this week. He sure does love straws, just like his mama. And how cute does he look? What a big boy.



 And now, lots more pics from the week:

playing hide and seek in the shower

finding other uses for the basketball game

steering his ship

playing with is new ikea toy

three person trampoline!  he loved it

knock knock

wading pools

him and his friend Madelynn

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