Saturday, July 14, 2012

Week in Review - 6/14/12


 I love this picture of Jack because he looks just like his daddy here. It's really uncanny. What a cutie. Well, we had another great week. I can't believe what a good mood he's been in. Laughing and giggling all the time. It was nice he was so happy because we had a lot of guests this week and he put on a good show. My friend Leigh came over and, acting like the child-whisperer she is, Jack was in love with her. Maybe it's all the practice she gets teaching Kindergarteners.


 Then his Aunt Julie came over and he had so much fun with her, running through the sprinklers and going down the slide.


 And then later in the week our friends were in town from the Bay Area and brought their two kids over - a 5 year old boy and a 3 year old girl. I can not even tell you how excited Jack was to have these older kids in his house. He chased them around all afternoon. There was a particularly adorable couch jumping session that was awesome. It was like Jack was playing like a big kid. So cool.



 Then there was more playing with trains and eating snacks while sitting on a stool like a big kid.


This week he started trying to count on his fingers. It is so cute. When he gets to the top of his slide I usually count "1, 2, 3" on my fingers. So now he's trying to do it to. He has the "1" down...the "2" and "3", not so much.



 Okay, now more pics from the week!

Trying to climb up the slide

Hot and tired and dazed from a long day playing in 95 degree heat

This kid loves sitting on top of bushes

He loves piggy back rides!

Man, isn't water awesome?

Illustrating how Curious George's rocket ship blasts off.

Practicing his drawing skills

Still enjoying his 4th of July flag

Practicing his new "ready, set, go" position

Clap like a seal!

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  1. These pictures are amazing Lisa, you guys are so cute!! He is growing up isn't he?! He's absolutely adorable xoxo